The Consorzio nazionale Imballaggi (Conai) is a private, not-for-profit consortium. It has around 700,000 member companies that produce and use packaging. It was established on the basis of the 1997 Ronchi Decree.


Head of Study Center for the Circular Economy

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Today the paradigm has been broken, secondary raw materials are worth almost more than virgin, rPET and rHDPE, they have undergone a trend reversal, a decoupling between virgin and recycled prices has happened recently, because there has been an unexpected demand for recycled. One reason for this is the changes in regulations, e.g. for rePET for the Sup Directive, which stipulates a minimum recycled content of bottles that can be placed on the market. For rHDPE, on the other hand, demand has grown from user companies and brand manufacturers, who want more recycled material in order to characterize their product offerings with a view to environmental sustainability. A trend that has occurred more for plastics.